Laminil ®


The sandwich panel for creative ideas


Thanks to the panel LAMINIL® the worlds of visual communication, packaging and arts & crafts have been revolutionized.

Patented and commercialized globally, LAMINIL® is the result of the union between an extruded expanded polystyrene foam and two sheets of paper, cardboard or other materials. LAMINIL® is a versatile support, created from an innovative technology for creative projects in various sectors: advertising and POP communication (visual displays, stands, window displays, signage), packaging (iso-thermal boxes for pharmaceuticals and food products, luxury items and e-commerce), arts and crafts (prototypes, models, presentations), digital printing, building trade and furnishing.

General characteristics:

The secret of  Laminil®’s success is in its properties mix which other materials don’t have:

  • lightness
  • elastic memory
  • thermal insulation
  • mechanical resistance
  • suitability to lamination and die-cutting as well as direct printing and plotter cutting, making it highly customizable

LAMINIL® is non-deformable, non-toxic, water resistant, flexible but stable, FSC ® certified product on request.

Laminil® product lines

Isonova has developed a range of technological solutions which meet several different needs:

♦  Laminil® Classic, the original version of the sandwich panel, utilized in paper converting, promotion and communication thanks to a mix of properties which we described above

♦  Bio Laminil®: the first panel of its kind completely eco-sustainable, offering the right solution to communication careful to sustainability and circular economy. At the end of its life, the panel can be placed into generic waste and, thanks to its advanced technology, it degrades in simple particles within a maximum of 5 years, according to the environmental conditions.

♦  Isoprint: laminated panel for direct printing which guarantees optimal print resolution especially with digital printing technology.

♦  IsolamBox: isothermal box for controlled temperature transport for products sensitive to thermal shocks in particular for some sectors, such as pharmaceutical products (last mile transport) and food products (e-commerce and patisserie / chocolates).

♦  Termolam: XPS panels laminated with metallized E.T. with high insulating and thermo-reflective power, to be installed behind radiators to increase their heating performance, reducing of about 35-40% the heat loss through the walls.

♦  Silver, Gold and Nero Lam: luxury substrates made in Laminil can be purchased in gold, silver and black, normally used for luxury packs, visual displays, window displays and signage.


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