Protects the Details during Transportation


LEDOPACK is the profile for protective packaging in Polyethylene Expanded Extruded which can protect any type of surface and materials – wood, glass, metal, plastic – during transport and storing.

Thanks to its absorption power from shocks, Ledopack is the ideal support to create fillers, protective profiles with various shapes and dimensions sections, pipes protection. Ledopack made of PE-LD, are extruded directly in the desired shapes and don’t contain CFC, they are re-usable and recyclable in the plastic.

The fine and compact structure of the Ledopack profiles allows to distribute the shock absorbance on the entire protection area, while the external surface has a quality of mechanical resistance. The possibility to produce the profiles customized allows to reduce waste and space to achieve a better logistical approach.

Genral characteristics:


♦  Lightness

♦  Flexibility and elesticity

♦  Excellent shock absorbance

♦  Water resistance

♦  Re-usable and re-cyclable

♦  Dimensional stability

♦  Chemical products resistance

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