Reflective panels for radiators.  The easy solution to reduce heat dispersion


TERMOLAM panels are a valid instrument to reduce heat dispersion inside the home or the office, to improve energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

These are panels made of XPS laminated to paper plasticized with metalized P.E.T., with an insulating and thermo-reflective quality. They can be installed easily between the radiator and the wall to improve the heating performance of the heating element: the panels reflect the heating back into the room by over 90% and reduce by 35-40% the heating loss through the walls.


TERMOLAM is supplied in pre-cut sheets measuring 80×100 cm and adapt to most radiators, remaining invisible and can be removed for maintenance or cleaning.

General characteristics:

♦  Speed up the heating time of a room

♦  They don’t overheat

♦  They don’t produce fumes or other substances into the environment

♦  They reflect back into the room 90% of the heat produced by the radiators

♦  They reduce the heat dispersion through the wall by 35-40%

♦  They work also with moderate heat


TERMOLAM panels are for sale on AMAZON.it The panel measures 80x100cm and it is sold in a 6-piece box including instructions for the installation.



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