Visual Protect & Bio Visual Protect


Counter screen / point of sale protection solution for Coronavirus emergency.


Isonova is launching a new product for the Coronavirus emergency: a counter protection blanket. It does not require installation and it has little plastic in respect of the environment.

This product consents to protect people during this emergency period and it is useful for stores with different sales positions. It is suitable for: pharmacies, cosmetic shops and body care, fashion shops, home products and PET shops, etc.

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Product Features



♦   Transparent PET film (recyclable)

♦   Sandwich panel frame: waterproof plastic paper with polystyrene core

♦  High mechanical resistance

♦  You can add a label to the frame

♦  Can be cleaned with a damp cotton cloth with water and / or hydro-alcoholic solution

♦  Lower space for payments

♦  Each frame weighs less than 500 gr

♦  2 Frames for each box

♦  Easy to assemble, does not require installation in fact can be moved and repositioned if necessary

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