XPS Sheets


The ideal sheet for the Building Trade


XPS is a special type of expanded extruded polystyrene with a closed cell structure, produced by ISONOVA since the 1990’s especially for the building trade. White or black in color, it is one of the most functional materials for insulation.

XPS sheets can be placed onto the wall with simple wall paper glue or under tyling or laminate flooring, as insulation from heat or humidity.


ISONOVA does not use CFC nor other expanding gases considered dangerous for the ozone, achieving a polystyrene sheet at regular structure, giving the product optimal mechanical properties.


General characteristics:


♦  High thermal insulation

♦  Low conductivity coefficient to achieve energy efficiency

♦  High compression resistance which allows the easy application of the sheet to the wall or the floor.

♦  Dimensional stability with variation of temperature and humidity

♦  Low permeability to steam

♦  Lightness, handling and workability ease for application, XPS can be cut with the cutter, without the need for special tools and fixed with wall paper glue

♦  Long lasting insulation

XPS can be covered with wall paper, tyled or plastered.  Very versatile for internal use, interspace,  wet walls, flat roof and ceilings.



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