Packaging and isothermal containers to transport food, pharmaceutical and other products sensitive to heat 

Due to the Coronavirus emergency, it has become even more important to guarantee that the cold chain supply of pharmaceutical products is maintained.
Choose our new ISOLAMBOX COLDFOLD folded system for the safety of your product!


 Made of 98% air & 100% recyclable 


The perfect alternative to the bulky polystyrene case !!!

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View the assembly here.

Isolambox is an ISOTHERMAL PACKAGING SYSTEM designed for the logistic optimization of storage and transport space.

The containers are used to protect against thermal shocks for many sectors applications, such as the transport of drugs and biomedical products (in particular for the “transport of the last mile” at controlled temperature), cosmetics, food and fresh products for e-commerce, pastry and ice cream. Isolambox preserves the content from temperature changes and keeps the temperature stable up to 48 hours thanks to the systems available in our new catalogue. These boxes also allow you to create customized packaging in terms of size, model and printing of logos and graphics.


Isolambox is available in 3 ranges:


♦  Isolambox made of LAMINIL®, panel foam based on XPS produced in a continuous cycle, without the aid of CFC or HCFC. The XPS sheet can be laminated to Kraft paper on one or both sides and / or to plasticized paper in P.E.T. metallic silver / gold on one or both sides. This solution combined with EPS walls can preserve the content at ambient and refrigerated temperatures up to 48H

♦  Isolambox Coldfold® are collapsible 4.5cm EPS boxes delivered flat ready for fast assembly to preserve the contents at refrigerated and frozen temperatures up to 48H. This is a completely revolutionary product that allows to obtain the maximum performance in terms of thermal insulation by optimizing the space in the warehouse and during transport. The perfect alternative to the classic polystyrene case. These boxes can also be combined with the customizable Isolambox box to obtain a customized pack.

♦  Isolambox Coldfold® RE-USABLE are collapsible in 3cm thick EPP boxes delivered flat ready for assembly. This is a completely revolutionary product that allows to obtain the maximum performance in terms of thermal insulation and by optimizing space in the warehouse and during transport with a 48% reduction in space. The perfect alternative to the classic polystyrene case or cooler bag. These boxes are reusable, can be washed and reused thanks to their incredible mechanical resistance.


General features:


♦ Thermal Resistance of the thickness box 5mm (Rm = m².K / W) Rm = 0.495

♦ 80% reduction in weight and storage volume (the boxes are delivered flat to be assembled at the time of use).

♦ Reduction of handling and packaging times.

♦ Reusable packaging, with a reduction in costs. In particular the Isolambox Coldfold®  Re-usable which has an excellent mechanical resistance.

♦ Tailor-made solutions (all types of FEFCO and others, with or without printing) for the customizable packs.

♦ Printing: screen, off-set (with lamination), digital UV, hot foil printing for the customizable solution.

The formats of the boxes can be chosen from the catalogue or produced on request depending on the production volumes.


Ideal last mile solution for:


♦  online grocery deliveries

♦ click + collect

♦ take-out food deliveries

♦ dinner meal kits

♦ food eTailers

♦ pharmaceuticals

ISOLAMBOX and its environmental impact

Functionality and Innovation

Today Isolambox can be produced in BIOLAMINIL for an eco-sustainable choice
Isolambox Coldfold® is totally recyclable.
Both can be reused.


IsolamBox Catalogue

Discover our new Catalogue

The Isolambox range offer a wide selection. Discover our Catalogue  Catalogue  and find the ideal format to develop your projects!



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