Environmental Policy

Innovation and Sustainability


Environmental Policy


Our commitment to preserving the environment

As producers of plastics, we value the respect of our environment by reducing waste, encouraging recycling and optimising transportation.

We produce expanded extruded polystyrene and polyethylene; the production process is free of toxic substances and both materials can be recycled.

Polystyrene and polyethylene are traditionally used in the building trade for heat insulation; these products can contribute to energy saving programmes.

The company is also equipped with a photovoltaic system for internal energy production.

Reducing Waste


Reuse is an added value

Thanks to our technology, we are able to recycle within our production process the waste we produce internally.  We supply LAMINIL® in the formats requested by our customers, avoiding this way additional waste at our customers’ sites.




100% optimization of our products

We also offer to our main customers a free recycling service, consisting in a periodic collection of the LAMINIL® waste from our customers’ sites (subject to commercial agreement).  

Optimising Transportation

Less is More

Our finished products, such as our ISOLAM BOX, are supplied flat on pallet to optimise space during transportation and in the warehouse.




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